Our Mission

St Paul’s Primary School is a welcoming learning community inspired by the Gospel values of Jesus. As we nurture citizens of the future, we foster an inclusive learning environment based on collaboration, respect and the love of one another.

Our Vision

For children to grow in knowledge, faith, love and the ministry of Jesus, the staff at St Paul’s Primary School will strive to:

  • Develop children’s awareness of Christ’s presence in the world and its people
  • Promote a sense of the tradition of the Church and understanding of Catholic heritage, while accepting the beliefs of others
  • Support parents as primary educators in preparing their children to take a responsible place in the wider
  • world
  • Foster a love of learning that is inclusive and encourages creativity and reflective thinking
  • Recognise and develop gifts and talents and celebrate the achievements within the individual, group and wider community
  • Develop children’s awareness of cultures and their place in the global community
  • Create a safe and nurturing environment that is a place of harmony and humour
  • Instil a sense of resilience and wellbeing in our children
  • Cater for the individual as well as offering a broad and balanced curriculum in the seven key learning areas