Students experience the gospel values of love, compassion, reconciliation, transformation, justice and hope as they interact with the world around them.

Within Religious Education lessons, children explore:

  • God, Revelation and Human Destiny
  • Jesus, Human and Divine
  • Church and Discipleship
  • Prayer and Sacraments
  • Sacred Scripture

Students join in the liturgical life of the Parish together in daily prayer and through regular parish and school masses. Students learn about the traditions of the Church and their evolving mission as disciples of Jesus. Students are also invited to celebrate in receiving the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and Eucharist through the Parish Sacramental Program.

School liturgies are created in partnership and consultation with the Principal, REC and our Parish Priest. A roster of liturgical celebrations is prepared each term and involves all classes.

Parents are most welcome to attend all school, stage and class liturgies and prayer celebrations.